Monday, October 10, 2016

5 Magical Tips On How To Rekindle Love In Your Relationship And Marriage

sweet relationship in marriage
Is your relationship been suffering lately and you really want it rekindle, or is the entrance of the kids as part of the family affect the love that existed between you and your partner ? Its imperative you know when there are love and strong bond between partners this extends to the whole family as well, for those that are married, rekindled love act as bound for the whole family thus  making you  a better lover and happier parents at the same time.

To bring back the spark in a relationship is very much possible no matter what have lead to the breakup , all that is needed for it to work is patience, hard work, and commitment, merging all of these together is all that you need to bring back the lost spark in your relationship. Point of note this very article is very much applicable for the married couples as well as for the single who are face challenges in their relationship.

Firstly, it's vital to  note hear that for you to keep a strong and lasting relationship, either partner has it's role to play in making it work, your time,money, commitment and sacrifices are truly needed . In the case of a broken relationship love and trust have to be rebuild once again. In the case of a married couple, re-amending a relationship does not merely foster love among s the two partner it also has it on benefits on your children . When there is love in the family the children, they know, they can feel it and in such environment, they grow to become a happy adult.

First and foremost if you are trying to fix your relationship, you have to ask yourself why are you in this mess, what went wrong, was there a mistake made by either of the partners and how can it be corrected.

It becomes much easier if both parties involve in the break are willing  to come back but in most cases, the reverse is the case , nevertheless, this can as well be solved  that is the reason for this discussion

First it very good we establish this point  "just as it takes two to  make a relationship work, so also it involves two people for break up to happen . When trying to rekindle or reestablish the love in a broken relationship it is very important to look first at the main reason for the breakup at the initial stage

There many reasons why there are frequent break up, but most  partners in a relationship are less aware of this cause, thus the reason am going to highlight some of the main causes right  here, as this will help in checking-mating  your relationship, if you or your partner are making one of this mistakes knowingly or unknowingly.

When in a relationship you don't envisage that such a relationship will be short lived most time you think you have found the right person only for the romance to be cut short, leaving you in a traumatic situation, why is this always the case? Below are some of the reasons for that:

Major Reasons Why There Are Frequent Break Up In Relationship And In Marriages

1. Communication gap:Communication is a key element in every relationship research carried out recently have shown that lack or poor communication in a relationship has contributed to 60%  break up. Also, a survey done by a health professional shows that  most marriages and relationship fail due to the inability of effective communication between parties involved , also from his research it shows that most divorce cases which are about 65% high are as a result of lack of better communication.

2. Money Issues: Money on it own plays a vital role in our natural live talk more in a relationship. In most marriages and relationship there is always money challenge, how you handle it makes the difference . From recent research done it have been discovered that money is one of the main reason why couples break up. Not that money itself is not good but the way and manner it is been handled in a relationship that what really matters . Most time there is always financial incompatibility such as too much  spending or over dependency on the other partner which in turn can lead to disagreement and in the final end hamper the relationship.

3. Control Issues: as the saying goes absolute power corrupts,this got  to do with you alone  giving  orders,  making all the decisions without your partners consent, in a   relationship whereby an individual makes all the decision, without the concession  of his or her partner, in terms of finance such that when the other partner needs money he needs  permission from you, when going out, your permission is needed, and always questioning her phone calls, such relationship heads  for doom.

4. Differences in  Goals: Another main reason why relationship fail is as a result of variance in objectives. Though when love was blossoming most of this things were overlooked but as the love wears off each partner tend to pursue their personal goal rather than making their objective one

5. Abuse: Abuse such as physical assort is another reason for  break up, also there are other non-physically means  that can lead to abuse in a relationship such as emotional, behavior as well as verbal abuse all forms of assort that can lead to break up

If you are in  a relationship or in a marriage and yet you are  a victim or better still you are at fault in the above-listed causes of breakup and you want to rekindle that love in your union\relationship below are some valuable nugget that will be of great help in achieving it.

The Secret On How To Rekindle Love In A Broken Relationship.

1. LISTEN:listening to your partner when they talking and replying them plays an important role in a relationship. For communication to be effective it got to be a two-way thing, that is, you talk, I listen then I respond back too. In a situation whereby your spouse is the only one doing all the talking and you seldom reply back, there is going to be a feeling, maybe you are not interested in what is been said. Even if you are not interested try to look out for sometime interesting the  conversation and then contribute your quota that way it shows that you are sure following up with what is been said, by and large, it really help in strengthening relationship

2. LOVE.: there is nothing that can take the place of love in any relationship, this is the ounce that brings in the spark, the more love you show to your partner also the more love will she reciprocate back to you as well as the willingness  wanting to be around you most of the time. There are different kind of ways you can show love gesture to your spouse this includes kissing, warm touch, admiring something about her physical look, also in words and most importantly intimacy that is SEX, it plays a major role in any relationship making the love more strong this shouldn't be ignored at all.

3. LEARN: Marriage, likewise relationship is a journey that has no ending, thus you just have to keep learning every day. True to this, there is no man on earth born perfect all have shortcomings, hence it is your duty to note the flaws in your partner then patiently learn how to live with it or correct in a productive way. When it comes to learning there are a whole lots of things you have to learn in terms of bringing back the spark in your relationship, this got to do with learning how to love, to say am sorry, how to say sweet word to your partner, and amicable ways of settling issues that will not degenerate into something else, these and many more you really have to patiently learn in the course of the relationship.

4: ATTITUDE:This got to do with learning as well, just take out time each day to make compliment  about your partner, such as “do you know you mean so much to me”, “you are the best love I have ever had”, am really grateful to God that I found you” “you look very pretty today”, “what is the secret of your beauty”,  it won't cost anything to say such powerful statements to your partner  this will  further strengthen the bond between you and your partner.  If your partner does something wrong that need to be corrected this should be done in a positive manner such that it will not spark up hot argument, this thus means that you must cultivate the habit of ignoring certain things he or she does that can make you grow annoyed

In any relationship or marriage there usually comes  bad times, these are times when thing are not rosy, just little talk or argument can lead to a heated debate, even if it is your partner that erred in the matter, take time to examine the cause of the argument and ask yourself if you will benefit anything from the argument or quickly do a rethink if this will have a negative impact on your relationship, if so it time you stopped the argument, and just smile or laugh over the matter. As have said early, you need patience to win in this situation. Patience in a relationship is a skill that must be learned as you go on in the journey of relationship and marriage.

If you are apart as a result of your job or other important matter, make it a duty to always get in touch with your partner at least once in a day, when making such phone call always remind him\her how much you love him and how much you miss his presence, these are the little elements that help rekindle love in a relationship and this is very applicable when trying to mend a broken relationship.